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"첫 번째 팀은 자유와 열정으로

청춘을 노래하는, 연세 힙합 그룹을 모셨는데요,"

"아녀유를, 소개합니다!"

Trying get to know me, now

잘 몰라, 아직도

Take everything you want

허나 내게 꿈이란 건 갖게 해줘

I want it all

I want it all





I want it all

I want it all







Lowkey, but moves on my nike

Boy, I got mic, please look at me

Motive, vation

너에겐 다른 life

너의 dream은 내겐 너무나게 당연하니

이제는 movin'해

음악한지는 2년 안쪽

내게 남 같이를 묻지마, 좀

And you know, my hobbies are on a dope

Another name as CEO

Business mode

Tell me the way that I handle both

Finding a value chain, man, always new

Another one, 난 원해

꿈나무 보단

Movin' on high planes, not a swoosh

누가 나에게 제안해, 감히

수준미달이 여기

너흰 trippin' all night

*****, I'mma sober

And I ripped it so quickly

What you got?

Noisy, but addictive

난 한 번 잡은 일은 안 놔, I keep it

Let it out, my emotions

See, my kitchens

I love, love, love

할 말이 넘 많어, 많어, 많어

I'll get my credits on my way

Lend me more, more, more

Tell me nothing, 난 원해

My pictures undone, done

See my future, 넌 봐

위인전의 prologue, logue, logue

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